Harvest Safety: Share the Road

Corn harvest

What should you do when you encounter large farm vehicles and equipment on the road?

It’s important that all drivers play a role in keeping farmers and their employees safe - giving them plenty of space on the road.

1. Slow down and exercise patience and caution as most farm equipment goes no faster than 25 miles an hour.

2. Do not try to pass slow moving farm equipment until it is safe to do so. Most equipment is wide and takes up much of the road.

3. Be sure to leave enough space behind the farmer so they can see you in their rearview mirror. At least three seconds of space is recommended. Once they know you’re there, most equipment operators will pull over and motion you to pass once they find enough space to safely do so.

4. Be on the lookout for a safety vehicle following large equipment as well.

5. Keep your eyes off your cellphone and focused on the road ahead, looking for additional lights, reflective tape, and slow-moving vehicle reflectors.

The busiest times on the road are around dawn and dusk, so drivers should exercise additional caution when heading to and from work, and don’t forget to turn your lights on.


The information presented in this document is for informational and educational purposes only. It is intended to assist individuals, farmers, and business owners in identifying common hazards/risks and considering proactive loss prevention or loss mitigation actions. For information related to specific loss hazards, please contact your insurance agent.

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