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For workers comp claims, please contact your agent to complete the first report of injury. For all other claims, choose an option below:

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Urgent Claims

Call 800.477.1660 immediately to report the following claims:

  • Your home has become unlivable
  • You’ve been involved in an accident involving serious injury
  • You require immediate assistance

Claims (other than auto glass)

For other claims that are not as urgent, call 800.477.1660 or report the claim online using the form on this page.

Auto Glass Claims

For auto glass claims, call Safelite Solutions directly at 877.592.2702.

Emergency Property Repair

Call Safelite Solutions directly at 877.592.2702.

Claims Contact Info

Phone: 800.477.1660
Fax: 800.468.8084

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Indiana Farmers Insurance
PO Box 527
Indianapolis, IN 46206

Street address / Overnight delivery address:
Indiana Farmers Insurance
10 West 106th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46290

Where to send medical bills for a Workers Compensation claim:
CorVel Prime
PO Box 6966
Portland, OR 97228

Claims Forms & Links


  1. Automobile Odometer Statement
    New Parts Form
  2. One & Same Affidavit
    Power of Attorney

Workers Comp

  1. Illinois Form
    Indiana Form
    Kentucky Form
  2. PPO Medical Provider Lookup​
    Workers Compensation Program Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I do if I have an accident or loss?

    Immediately report accidents to the proper authorities.

    Call for medical attention, if necessary.

    Obey laws and cooperate with the police, but do not discuss the accident/loss with anyone else.

    Write down information from the people involved the accident/loss (names, addresses, license numbers, contact information, witness names, contact information, and other party's insurance information. Please note: in some areas police officers may restrict contact between the parties.)

  • What should I expect when I have an auto claim?

    Alright, something's happened. Don't worry, we're here to help. Check out this step-by-step guide on what you should do and what to expect from us when you have an auto claim.

  • What does coinsurance mean on a property insurance policy?

    It is the percentage of value that the policyholder is required to insure - typically 80%, 90% or 100% of the property’s replacement cost value or actual cash value whichever is stated in your policy. It is there to encourage you to insure the property for at least a minimum amount of the property’s replacement cost. If you insure for less than the minimum amount and have a loss, you will be penalized by sharing in the loss above the deductible. For example, if the replacement value of your home is $100,000 and you insure it for replacement cost with an 80% coinsurance, you must insure it for at least $80,000 in order to avoid the coinsurance penalty and be fully covered.

  • How can I be proactive and prepare for a personal property loss, especially a total loss such as a home fire?

    Most people would have a hard time creating an accurate list of everything they own. To complete a list which will help you with the claims process, walk through every room of your home and identify all the contents. It would also be helpful to attach sales receipts of large purchases to your list and jot down serial numbers. Take a video or photos of all your belongings. Be sure to open drawers, cabinets, closets and to capture what is in them. Don’t forget the attic, garage, shed, and other outbuildings. Keep your personal property inventory list along with video or photos in a safe place away from your home.

  • Why is my mortgage company named on the claim payment?

    If you have a mortgage or loan on your property, the mortgage company or lender is legally required to be listed on your insurance policy, and because of this the lender may be named on your settlement payment. If the mortgage company or lender named on your payment is incorrect, please contact your claim representative. To obtain the mortgage company's endorsement, please contact the mortgage company directly.

  • If I am involved in an auto accident and the other driver is at fault, after I report it to my insurance company, is it better to have my insurance company adjust the claim or go through the other driver’s insurance company assuming that driver has insurance?

    If you are involved in an auto accident and the other driver is at fault, after reporting to your insurance company, is it better to go through the other driver’s insurance company assuming that driver has insurance?

    Pros of using your insurance company:

    Your company will have your best interest in mind.

    Your company may turn the claim around faster.

    Other company may use off-brand parts to repair your vehicle. If your vehicle is within six model years old or newer and you go through your company for the physical damage loss, you have the option to repair your auto with new parts manufactured by the vehicle manufacturer, after-market parts, or used parts.

    Rental reimbursement coverage on your vehicle is automatically provided if you have physical damage coverage on your Indiana Farmers’ policy. Additional limits can be purchased. You may have to pay for car rental until the other company reimburses you if you opt to go through them.

    Cons of using your insurance company:

    The physical damage loss to your vehicle would be covered under Collision, if you have purchased this coverage on your vehicle. The payment will be subject to your collision deductible. The deductible will be reimbursed if the company can successfully subrogate 100% against other driver’s company.

    A collision claim may increase your premium.

  • What determines if a vehicle is totaled?

    A vehicle may be totaled if the cost to repair is more than the value of the vehicle. Also some states may require insurance companies to total a vehicle if the damage exceeds a certain percentage of the vehicle value.

  • What is subrogation?

    It is the legal right that allows one party (for example, your insurance company) to make a payment that is actually owed by another party that caused the loss (for example, the at-fault driver’s insurance company) and then collect the money from the party that owes the debt after the fact.

  • What is replacement cost?

    This is the cost to repair or replace the damaged property with new materials of like kind and quality.

    If you have replacement cost and suffer a loss, the initial payment you receive may be for actual cash value. You may be able to recoup the depreciation if you make your claim within 180 days of the date of loss and send documentation that repairs have been completed or it has been replaced.

    To document that repairs or replacement have been completed, please send your claim representative your certificate of completion or final repair bill or purchase receipts.

  • What is depreciation and actual cash value?

    Depreciation is the value an item loses over time based on its age and/or condition. Actual cash value is the cost of replacing or repairing damaged property less depreciation.

  • What is a deductible?

    In an insurance policy, the deductible is the amount of expenses that must be paid out of pocket before an insurer will pay any expenses. In most circumstances we subtract the deductible from your initial settlement payment and then you pay your deductible to the contractor, auto dealership, mechanic, body shop, etc.

  • What if my contractor's estimate is higher than my insurance estimate?

    If there's a difference between the Indiana Farmers Insurance estimate and your contractor's estimate, please contact your claim rep. The claim rep will work to reach an agreed price with your contractor based on the damage to your property.

  • What if additional damages are found during the repair/restoration process?

    If additional damage is discovered, please contact your claim rep as soon as possible before the additional work begins.

  • I believe my vehicle is not repairable. How does Indiana Farmers Insurance determine the value of my vehicle?

    We utilize several different sources of vehicle data, including automobile appraisers, Internet sources, and vehicle value databases to determine the fair market value of your vehicle prior to the loss.

  • I need to rent a vehicle while my car is being repaired. Do I need to purchase the additional insurance coverage from the rental car company?

    Your insurance policy will provide the broadest coverage available for a rental vehicle you are driving as a result of your personal vehicle being out of service. If you do not have collision or comprehensive coverage on any vehicle on your policy, then your policy will not provide that coverage for the rental vehicle.

    Please be aware there are damages that may occur to the rental vehicle which might not be covered under your policy, such as loss of value, loss of ability to rent the vehicle, and administrative costs that might be charged by the rental company.

    Depending on your own personal financial situation, you may wish to purchase the damage waiver offered by the rental company to avoid or limit these expenses. The additional cost of the damage waiver coverage from the rental agency is typically not reimbursed through your automobile insurance policy.

    Be sure to ask your claim representative about coverage available to you under your policy.

  • What happens after I report my claim?

    Your loss will be assigned to a claim representative who will contact you to explain the claim process, discuss the facts, and answer your questions.